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Haunts and haints are a source of late night entertainment around a camp fire and frequent topic during Halloween season. However, in Bristow, hauntings on their Main Street which is Route 66, arenít just for Halloween and they have been taken so seriously a paranormal investigation team is being called in to come investigate in July or August. Read on to find out about all the Spirits on 66 in Bristow, Oklahoma.

Ghost, Gust or Goof?
A local Bristowan took photographs of some roadside ruins west of town on Route 66 and had quite a start when pictures were in hand. A curious mist appeared in several shots. Was it a gust of her frosty breath on a cold morning captured by the camera, flaw of the lens, or something else? You be the judge whether it is "ghost", "gust" or "goof".

Do you see a face in this picture? Click here to see another picture taken at the same time at the same location. Is it an upright "angel"? Or an apparition angry with intruders?


Haunted Convenience Store
Those who manage and work at a convenience store north of town at the intersection of Route 66 and SH 48 insist that K's Corner is indeed haunted. After a lover's quarrel, it is said a young woman attempted to cross Route 66 there where K's Corner is now located and was hit and killed by a semi truck. Workers believe her restless soul lingers and claim such bizzare events as the simultaneous occurrence of the bathroom light going out and the toilet flushing on its own. Another worker claims that while in the store alone, a Hostess Sno-Ball was hurled across the store to land at her feet. A former paranormal group called PROOF investigated the location in 2004 but their findings were inconclusive. People also claim to see the young woman in the window of her nearby house, now abandoned. A former paranormal group member has plans to reinvestigate.

Weeping Woman Ghost
Sightings are claimed of a weeping woman sitting in the upstairs window of an existing building near the site of the early day hospital on Main Street. Perhaps she lost a loved one in the hospital? Or perhaps she is the gilted love of a wild catter during the oil boom days.

Shopkeeper from the Past
A worker in a local shop watched two gentlemen enter, one walking behind the other. She spoke to both, one nodded and smiled, the other just shuffled on behind his friend. They went into the bargain room from which the friendly fellow returned a short time later with items to purchase. When the worker asked about his friend, the man was confused and said he had come alone and seen no one. Searching the shop indeed turned up no one although the worker was adamant TWO gentlemen had entered the store. It is believed by the shop owner that the early day shopkeeper wanders through from time to time to check on the store. Although he is not seen frequently, he is heard shuffling around from time to time. Being a gentleman of an earlier time, perhaps he had concerns about the young woman being in the store alone with a strange man and wanted her to know he was looking after her by keeping a close eye on the man. For sure, this shop's owner believes it has more than its signature "butterfly" floating around.

Man in Chains
Impressions of a "man in shackles & chains" are reported in Bristow's Historical Depot Museum. Will you sense him too if you visit?

The Tidy Bowl Ghost
A local gym has reported its toilets flushing when no one is present. It was thought there might be some water pressure explanation but examination after the flushings reveal toilet paper in the bowl.


More of the Weird in Bristow, OKÖ

Big Foot Sighting
In 1977, Big Foot sightings were reported in Vici, OK. Shortly thereafter, search parties were formed after similar sightings of an unidentified creature were reported in eastern Oklahoma near Bristow and Stilwell. Nothing was found. (Click here for more details on this and other Big Foot sightings.)

UFO Sighting
On 5/15/74 at 13:00, an object appeared for 5 Minutes. It was described as large, drab color, enormous, cigar shaped, no appendages on craft. Moving at moderately fast speed, (faster than any blimp could}. (Click here for more details on this and other Oklahoma UFO sightings)

Spontaneous Combustion?
When an elderly woman that resided on Pecan street became too feeble to live on her own, her son moved her into a trailer house near his home in Sapulpa. A former neighbor reports that shortly thereafter, the woman was found in a chair severely burned with no damage to either the chair or the trailer house. The neighbor further reported that unfortunately, the poor woman lingered a few days in the hospital before passing on. What could possibly have caused such an injury? Was this a case of spontaneous combustion?





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