Route 66 Walk on the Wild Side

TR’s Diner

(918) 367-9997

37472 W. Highway 16

Bristow, OK 74010


Wilderness Safari

(918) 367-3502

37472 W Highway 16 - Bristow, OK

Owners: Larry and Kathy Armer



Owner Tina, her cooks and wait staff and members of the Bristow Chamber at her Business Spotlight



Smiling George






Just a short ride off Route 66 on Hwy 16 in Bristow is TR’s Diner and Wilderness Safari.

In addition to the traditional fare of burgers, chicken or steak finger baskets, fries and onion rings -- home cooking and fresh baked pies are what TR’s Diner is known for.

Monday’s special is brown beans and ‘taters (not ‘potatoes’, they tell me), cornbread and if desired, a side of onion. Saturday is chicken fried chicken breast.

Desserts include, among other flavors, choice of lemon cream or lemon meringue pie, coconut cream or coconut meringue pie and BIG brownies.

You can dine inside or enjoy your meal out on the wrap around deck to savor the cool breezes and scenery. As soon as licensing goes through, you’ll also be able to have cold beer.

Snuggled in an oversized aquarium on the deck is Wilderness Safari’s fourteen foot python to give you a BIG welcome. “PSSSST” Visit my friends at Wilderness Safari”, she’ll hiss.

Before or after dinner at TR’s Diner, be sure to take a stroll through the Wilderness Safari to view the exotic animals, some of which are on the endangered species list.


Larry, the owner and animal caretaker will give you a guided walking tour through the animal park to view a variety of monkey species, alligators, porcupine, camels, parrots, large vultures, and more with a personalized tale about each one that will captivate the heart.


Monkey George will smile on request and the rabbit-deer-antelope-like animal is darling to behold whether resting like this one or bounding across their pen lawn.


So, have your car or biker club take a ride on the wild side and spend an afternoon walking through Wilderness Safari and enjoying a meal at TR’s Diner.


Call Wilderness Safari for information on hours and admission, (918) 367-3502.








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